Mexican Seafood & Steak

Cielito Lindo Brunch

Join us for the Cielito Lindo Brunch, a Saturday extravaganza from 1pm to 5pm! Indulge in our delectable Special Menu, complemented by refreshing Soft Drinks.

Choose from our Silver package at 290 AED per person, which includes the Special Menu and Soft Drinks.
Upgrade to the Gold package at 390 AED per person for House Drinks and Margaritas.
For the ultimate experience, opt for our Platinum package at 490 AED per person, offering premium tacos, oysters, Sparkling Wine, and Corona Beer, in addition to the full range of delights.

Enjoy live entertainment with Mariachi, luchador masks, Drummers, sax, CO2 Happening, and special Happy birthday celebrations. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary event!

All prices are in AED and inclusive of 10% service charge, 7% municipality fees and 5% VAT.